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Gossip from the Killiney trail.
What Shatter reportedly said at the Bono Bash!
Bono’s house. A whited sepulchre perchance? All fine on the outside but full of Tracy Emin ugly nonsense and grotesque guests on the inside.

It was Bono’s big 2013 Christmas-Hannukha party at his classic Georgian mansion in exclusive Killiney on the Irish Costa that an amazing remark was said to have been made by Israel’s Irish Immigration minister Avrum ‘Alan’ Shatter in a conversation with a group of American Jewish bankers chatting about John F. Kennedy.

Endzog’s Sandycove correspondent, a doyen of the coastal party set, reports from Bono’s vast ballroom come art gallery that he was gazing abstractly at one of the paintings in Bono’s dreadful and tasteless collection of degenerate Brit art; a collage of durex condoms blended with Sanitary towels oddly centered by a pink striped toothbrush executed by the celebrated British artist Tracy Emin and acquired by the Rockstar from the collection of Lord Charles Saachi in 1998, when he was approached by a childhood friend, a member of the old and distinguished Killiney gentry who’s castellated pile has been inhabited by her family for well over a hundred years and who repeated a conversation she had just overheard.

A group of American bankers, all of whom were apparently substantial beneficiaries of Bono’s ‘assistance to the poor in Africa’ with Shatter in tow, had happened to stroll right by our friend’s friend on their way to obtain a refill from Bono’s especially commissioned £100,000 giant flaming Waterford glass and gold punch tureen (so typical of the nouveau riche kitsch which has invaded the once high class Irish Riveria today) while she, something of a wallflower at that moment had nothing better to do than nosey in on their discussion.

The financier was relating how before following the money and going into banking he had been a young cub reporter covering Kennedy’s visit in 1963 to Berlin where the US President continued his pre-war admiration for Adolf Hitler whose Reich Germany he had travelled to and wrote glowingly about in his diaries in the 1930′s.

He said that Kennedy’s statements about Adolf Hitler were like grenades ready to go off for the many young Americans who admired the President and he praised the Obama administration and controlled transnational mainstream media for considerably ”dumbing-down” Kennedy on the recent anniversary of his assassination. An assassination which followed a speech the president had made about the covert operations of the House of Rothschild banksters on the world stage, often said to be ‘the speech that killed Kennedy.”


“Shatter had reportedly jokingly replied “If they ever find out the truth about Hitler we are buggered!” The bankers all laughed one saying “Not much chance of that now we have him stinking like a dead fish all over the world!”

“Oddly, (in multicultural Ireland) people might think,” our reporter noted, “apart from the Jews there were no non-whites at the event. Not oddly to those of us who move in high circles and see how the elites prescribe one thing for the masses and another for themselves.”



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