Big Jewry Must Be Stopped

by Arch Stanton

The world is ruled by dangerous criminal syndicate. Unless we can break free from the toils of this evil influence, we can expect disaster.


"Nuclear technology has provided the means for a tiny, tightly knit race, the Jews,  to control the masses around the globe."“Nuclear technology has provided the means for a tiny, tightly knit race, the Jews, to control the masses around the globe.”

While reflecting on childhood memories of the airbases where I had grown up — Strategic Air Command —  certain facts began to gel in my mind.

The first fact, one that I was unaware of in my youth, was the overwhelming Jewish presence in the funding, development, acquisition and deployment of nuclear weapons, not only in Russia and America but in Israel as well.

The atomic bomb and later hydrogen bomb are Jewish bombs, for without the interest of Jews, it is doubtful if these weapons would have ever been developed, much less deployed.

Names of Jews like Einstein, Oppenheimer, Teller, Rickover and Rosenberg pepper the top levels of nuclear arms development in a percentage far out of proportion to the overall number of Jews in the population.

Who but the House of Rothschild had the financial clout to gamble two billion dollars on a weapons project at the end of a war that had already been won? and in a country now mired under an enormous war debt?

Who else but a Jew would roll the dice on a bet to win the power of God?

Was it really necessary to bomb a terminally defeated Japan in the last days of World War II?  It was not. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were quite unnecessary. They were war crimes of unparalleled magnitude. But the Jewish bomb had to be tested to see if it worked. And the Japanese were seen as suitable guinea pigs. As dispensable human beings — as indeed all non-Jews are, according to the Talmudic worldview.

None of this should come as a surprise, for the earliest Bible myths tell how Jews lusted to have the power of God at their disposal. The arrival of nuclear weapons gave Jews the chance to control God’s power and several notable Jews have hinted that Israel is now among the top three nuclear powers in the world. Nuclear technology has provided the means for a tiny, tightly knit race to control the masses around the globe.

There are major problems, however, with the Jew’s plan for global nuclear hegemony. The first problem is that the hated goyim have been a necessary evil in the chain of supply, administration and application of nuclear technology. The goyim are seen as unreliable, at least from the Jewish perspective, and yet their cooperation at all levels is necessary.

Jews have little or no altruism instilled into them by their culture. Their Talmud teaches that this world is the only world and that this life provides the only opportunity to grab hold all of the material goods the world can offer. Jews only have one shot at life — and this life is the only one there is. So thinks the typical secular Jew.

The goyim are considered weak and stupid, committing themselves to spiritually altruistic goals. They tend to believe in something beyond this life. This is the essential message delivered by a savior called Jesus Christ, in direct opposition to what the Jewish temple priests had to offer.

Jews are no longer astounded by the fact that — for a mere paycheck — foolish goyim are willing to develop technologies that will later be used to destroy them and their children.

For the right price, the Jew will apparently sell his own mother, but the goy will gladly die before he stoops so low.

Jews deal in female flesh as a commodity — witness their domination of the porn industry — but the soft-hearted goy will happily march off to die for the girl next door.

Jews are widely seen as calculating, cold-blooded psychopaths, eschewing the weakness and stupidity of the over-emotional goyim.

To date there are three phases of weapons development. The first phase was conventional weapons and their attendant delivery systems. This phase took man from using sticks and stones to the bow and arrow: to the lance and armor and finally artillery, machine guns, and high explosives.

The second phase was nuclear weapons, which reached an unthinkable pinnacle in a mere twenty years.

The third and final phase of weapons development is presently underway: the development of robotic, artificially intelligent technologies. This latest development happens to be an age-old Jewish wet dream.

The golem was a mythical  monster man  created by a rabbi in Prague to protect the Jews from anti-Semitic attacks.The golem was a mythical monster, created by a rabbi in Prague, to protect the Jews from anti-Semitic attacks.

The concept is clearly delineated in their story of the Jewish Golem, a creature made from earth very much like God’s original creation of man.

The golem is a mindless monster that obeys the Rabbis’ command to destroy the hateful anti-Semitic goyim who threaten the Jewish  community with pogroms and persecutions.

There are several versions of this story. The most popular is how, after the slaughter, the Rabbis put the golem back in its earthen box for use again against the hated Christian enemy when needed.

A more curious version is how the golem develops a mind and consciousness of its own and turns on the rabbis, killing them. This is a cautionary tale  about technologies getting out of control and destroying their creators.

The later story of Frankenstein says it all. Will the Mad Scientist be destroyed by the robot monster he created?

Jewish movies have been portraying this same fantasy and its effects almost since the cinema was invented. Beginning with movies like Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, and then Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, followed by more recent releases like “Terminator” and “The Matrix”, countless Jewish movies have portrayed the creation of the ultimate golem.

While these movies appear as cautionary tales to the emotionally crippled goyim, the psychopathic Jew produces them with a hidden message in the subtext: “Imagine what we could do to keep the goyim under our thumbs if we could create the ultimate technology to enslave and control them!”

The Jews know, as indeed we all know, that what can be imagined can almost always be realized in the fullness of time.

As demonstrated by the golem story, there is often a high price to be paid for major technological advances; but with few moral compunctions to restrain them, as the Talmud repeatedly makes clear, Jews have no problem with funding and promoting the development of the most lethal technologies.

What we see occurring in western culture is the rapid emergence of the police/surveillance state far exceeding the predictions of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

Soon there will be micro and nano drones following us around, tracking all our movements and thoughts, ready to eliminate any citizens brazen enough to raise their voices in dissent against the coming Jewish superstate.

As predicted in the movie “Minority Report,” the very thought of any opposition to tyranny will be eliminated before it can flower into any meaningful action.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”  — George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”
— George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

This heavy-handed police state, this boot stomping on the face of a man, is coming about as phase three weapons emerge. The intent is to prevent any unscheduled uprising that might lead to a nuclear exchange.

Large naval vessels that once took hundreds of men to operate, now only take a few dozen.

Airborne drones are rapidly replacing human piloted vehicles and it is rumored that the Air Force has already scheduled its last pilot training program. And why not, when one ground controller, pre-trained on video games, can control five or more drones with no risk to its operator?

Lose a drone? Roll out another! Why train pilots in expensive fighter planes when drones offer death on the cheap?

During the cold war, the much-ballyhooed “MAD” concept prevailed among American government and military leadership. MAD stood for “Mutually Assured Destruction”. The idea was that an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” would serve as a deterrent against a first strike on US territory.

“Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” — Israeli General Moshe Dayan “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” — Israeli General Moshe Dayan

This is much like Israel’s present “Mad Dog” or “Samson” deterrent that clearly spells out the fact that Israel is like a mad dog too dangerous to confront. Should anyone be foolish enough to try, the Israelis will nuke the entire Middle East. Indeed, they have already made it known that they have targeted many European cities with nuclear warheads, including Rome.

There will be no need for nuclear weapons, however,  if the global population is completely controlled and cowed by a centralized superpower consisting of a few men: a true power elite of earthbound “gods” controlling robotic weaponry used to track and eliminate the slightest thought of rebellion against their imposed slavery.

It will be much like that scene in the Matrix where Neo wakes up to reality — only to be sucked down the air vent used to dispose of defective batteries.

Only this time, there will be no golden Negro to rescue and revive those being flushed down the toilet.

Big Jewry needs to be stopped before it is too late.

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