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MMM, Mega Encryption. A few days back we talked about MaidSafe. Then we featured an article about Mesh. Now we add some details about Mega. Everything to do with security seems to begin with the letter M these days. Marvellous.

You can obtain a free account with Mega at You receive 50Gb of free, encrypted storage. Coming in the second quarter of 2014 is encrypted chat, voice calls (a la skype) and video conferencing. We recommend Mega to the thousands of Open Free Press readers everywhere.

About Mega

Mega is a global technology business headquartered in Auckland that delivers encrypted, cloud based services that enable private, secure online communication and collaboration for businesses and individuals.

Mega’s browser-based User Controlled Encryption (UCE) is unique in providing automatic encryption for all data transferred to and stored on Mega’s cloud service. UCE means that only the user controls the encryption key. This provides a level of privacy and security that is unique, and allows Mega to position itself as “”.

The Mega service was launched on 20th January 2013. Mega currently has around 7 million registered users, with new user registrations exceeding 20,000 per day. Users have stored nearly one billion encrypted files in the Mega cloud and are currently uploading up to 11 million files per day.

Mega expects to release encrypted instant messaging and encrypted chat and video conferencing in the second quarter of 2014. Development of an encrypted email service is planned.

Mega News Release From January 19th 2014

When we launched MEGA a year ago, global mass surveillance by rogue governments under the pretext of fighting terrorism was still a wild conjecture and its proponents were often touted as conspiracy theorists. Edward Snowden’s revelations 137 days later fundamentally changed public attitudes and it became excruciatingly clear that security by policy (“we have access to your data, but we promise to keep it confidential and not misuse it”) had not been good enough. Anything short of security by design (“we cannot gain access to your data without you being able to find out”), for which strong end-to-end encryption is an essential prerequisite, now seems grossly insufficient.

MEGA was architected around the simple fact that cryptography, for it to be accepted and used, must not interfere with usability. MEGA is fully accessible without prior software installs and remains the only cloud storage provider with browser-based high-performance end-to-end encryption. The only visible signs of the crypto layer operating under MEGA’s hood are the entropy collection during signup, the lack of a password reset feature and the novel (and browser-specific) ways file transfers are conducted. Today, millions of business and personal users rely on MEGA to securely and reliably store and serve petabytes of data and we believe that this success is the result of MEGA’s low barrier to entry to a more secure cloud.

Since we opened MEGA to the public, we have added many of the initially missing bits and pieces: we have launched mobile apps for and a . Yet, our cloud storage product is still incomplete — tablet support, BlackBerry and Windows Phone apps and sync clients for MacOS and Linux are on their way, along with much more complete and accessible .

We would like to thank all users who put up with the teething issues during our beta phase, the critics who sparked healthy and often entertaining controversy around our design decisions and the security researchers who successfully participated in our bug bounty program.

This year, MEGA will evolve beyond mere cloud storage and become a feature-complete online collaboration and communication platform, all with no-compromise end-to-end encryption.

It has been an extremely busy year for us, and we’re looking forward to the next twelve months of providing a feature-rich secure cloud!

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