NYC Cabbie Defends National Socialism

PRESSMAN INTRO: Meet Mr Diaz, a man who wore a swastika to work and got pulled up for it by the PC crowd. Yet in this interview Mr Diaz holds his ground and makes simple but strong points. Here’s a YouTube comment for this video:

“Nationalism without socialism is brutality. Socialism without nationalism is suicide. Nationalistic socialist practices are best for all peoples and most people.”

More nationalities fought for the Wehrmacht than fought for the allies (All-lies). Were the clock turned back, Mr Diaz would likely be amongst them.

A New York City cab driver of Dominican origin has been suspended for 30 days for wearing a Nazi swastika armband while on duty.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission (T&LC) decided to suspend the operator’s license for a month and not to fire him. It is against TLC rules for drivers perform any act that is against the best interests of the public.

However, Gabriel Diaz, 27, defended his choice of attire to the New York Post, saying, “We’ve been told lies about Hitler. We use the term national socialist. I don’t mean it in any offensive way. I have a right to wear it. If a Jew can express his opinion, if a Jew can wear the Star of David, why not a national Socialist?”

JOHN FRIEND COMMENT: My hat goes off to Mr. Gabriel Diaz. What a righteous, courageous man. He’s absolutely correct: we have been told lies about Hitler, National Socialism, the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” and WWII generally. In fact, the lies associated with WWII, Hitler, and the fake “Holocaust” form the historical paradigm the vast majority of Westerners view the world. Hitler is supposed to be the most evil, wicked, monstrous individual in world history, responsible for the murder of millions of innocent peoples, including “6 million Jews”, initiating WWII, and having designs on ruling the entire world. Of course, none of this is true, and Mr. Diaz knows it. Even better than that, he is not afraid to express his opinion openly and unashamedly. Good for him.

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