Did the Holocaust Really Happen ?



Did the Holocaust Really Happen ?

edpressmanSimply put, no, it didn’t. That is, the official narrative that 6 million jews were killed in gas chambers is unproven. In the 70 years since the end of WW2 no evidence of any substance has been presented to substantiate this grotesque claim. The above presentation by Pastor Steve Anderson (certain religious misunderstandings in the final 8 minutes or so aside) is a very effective and easily digestible summary of the primary points that expose the river of lies that lie at the root of this fiction. This fiction, as shown in the presentation, has not only been used to justify the existence of the bogus state of Israel (the jews of Israel have no biblical blood in their veins and therefore no claim to that land, nor are they semitic) but is also used as part of the psychological arsenal that is being employed against all european peoples worldwide as part of a campaign to advance and bring about white genocide.

Since 1945 Germany has paid out in excess of $100 Billion in compensation for an event, the holocaust, which did not occur. Is it not time that some enterprising lawyers organised a team and brought charges to bear upon the state of israel for the use of deception to obtain funds ?  A 1% fee of the (at least) $100 Billion that Israel would have to pay back would more than recompense them for their efforts and coping with the pain of the initial opprobrium that would be hurled their way courtesy of the paid for press.

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