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JFK Hitler Bono Shatter


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Gossip from the Killiney trail.
What Shatter reportedly said at the Bono Bash!
Bono’s house. A whited sepulchre perchance? All fine on the outside but full of Tracy Emin ugly nonsense and grotesque guests on the inside.

It was Bono’s big 2013 Christmas-Hannukha party at his classic Georgian mansion in exclusive Killiney on the Irish Costa that an amazing remark was said to have been made by Israel’s Irish Immigration minister Avrum ‘Alan’ Shatter in a conversation with a group of American Jewish bankers chatting about John F. Kennedy.

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ITCCS Kevin Annett

A positive end of year report from Kevin Annett on the activities of the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) and the effect they have had on the resignation of Pope Ratzinger.

The Common Law Court Movement as led by Mr Annett and his colleagues has the real potential to stop not only the criminal activities of Church and State, but also to stop the private criminal banking cartel that has usurped the banking system.

This Woman Is Ill

And so the agreement building for microchip implants continues apace, this time courtesy of Regina E Dugan, two compliant males and a supine audience.

Regina E Dugan is in need of medical help. Failing that she needs to be sectioned. Although it is a coin toss as to what is most alarming; her infantile enthusiasm for “borging” the population or the audience who, by their mindless applause, indicate that they are already primed and ready for “chipping”.

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Pressman sounds off about the rather odd Ms Dugan.